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Bio and plastic? It doesn't sound like a great match but it is possible. As the first Belgian manufacturer we offer our carrier bags and flexible packaging in bioplastics. This "green" plastic is made of starch (e.g. corn) and biodegradable polymers (biopolymers). Renewable resources are at the base of bioplastics, which we believe is an answer for the growing scarcity of fossil resources.

Are you looking for an ecofriendly bag? Then, our biodegradable carrier bag, or BioBag is the solution!

Why would you opt for a BioBag carrier bag?

  1. Our BioBag is made of renewable resources e.g. vegetable starch (biobased).
  2. The bag is 100% compostable (biodegradable).
  3. Furthermore the production process of a BioBag consumes less energy hence emitting less carbon dioxide. A lower CO2 emission results in less greenhouse gasses, which benefits the warming of the earth.

Is a bioplastic bag as solid as a plastic one?

Bioplastics have the same features and advantages as conventional plastic. A biodegradable bag has the same look and feel as a traditional plastic bag. Moreover the BioBag is as solid with a similar wet and pull strength.

Just like a polyethylene carrier bag, a BioBag is printable. A simple print in 1 colour or a full colour print in max. 8 colours are just two examples of the wide variety of print possibilities.

How do you recognise a biodegradable shopping bag?

The biodegradable bags are certified with both the OK compost logo as Seedling label by Vinçotte according to the European standard of compostability (EN 13432:2000). That means that the packaging is guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies for the entire BioBag: both inks and additives respond to the strict requirements of EN 13432. More info about our certification is available here.

Are you in favour of our sustainable packaging?

Then, you can opt for a patch handle carrier bag or a bag with loop handles made of bioplastic. These environmentally friendly bags are available as from 5.000 pieces (*). Learn more about our biodegradable bags here.

Are you looking for a specific biodegradable packaging which is not being mentioned here? Contact us and we try to help you along.


(*) the minimum quantity varies according to the desired size and print.


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